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LandSafe Appraisal offers appraisal services, reports, reviews, Automated Valuation Models and additional products designed to meet your specific needs.

About Appraisal

Since 1996, LandSafe Appraisal has been assisting businesses like yours by giving them the competitive edge they need to be successful and profitable. Learn More...

LandSafe Appraisal Services
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Working smarter just got easier
We have combined the latest technological advances with unparalleled customer service to provide you with a completely streamlined appraisal process.

From ordering to billing to delivery, we've discovered numerous ways to help you work more efficiently than ever before.

The more than 500 Staff Appraisers and 6,000+ members of our Qualified Appraiser Network provide high quality, competitively priced appraisals quickly.

And, because our appraisals are comprised by one of the largest networks of certified and/or licensed appraisers in the country, you can rest assured you're working with none other than the best.

Appraiser Independence
The issue of appraiser independence is taken very seriously at LandSafe. As a company, we are firmly committed to ensuring our operational environment enables you to make an independent judgment of value for every property you are assigned to appraise, absent undue influence.

Appraisal Independence Hotline (866) 462-8113
Automated Valuation Model Product
Click Here to Learn More If you need immediate collateral assessment for credit risk-based underwriting, stronger quality control, fraud detection or portfolio analysis tools, think ValueFinder.
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Click Here to Learn More What is an Appraisal?
"...the act or process of developing an opinion of value; an opinion of value."
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