Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR 1004)


Primary report utilized for appraising single family residences, including those with an accessory unit, an individual unit in a PUD project, or a detached condominium.

When to Use

Utilize this product for:

  • Non-complex and complex properties

  • Non-conforming loan programs

  • One-time close loans

  • New construction


  • Performed by a licensed appraiser located in and familiar with the subject’s area.

  • Appraiser inspects interior of subject and exterior of comparables.

  • Appraiser can assess condition and curb appeal and measure subject to determine gross living area (GLA).

  • Exhibits, including:

    • Location map

    • Building sketch

    • Area calculations

    • Floor plans

    • Photographs of subject property

    • Photographs of comparable sales

Service Levels

5 – 7 business days

Quality Control Review

Please be advised that all completed appraisals are considered for further quality control review.  This process, while generally completed the same day, can take up to 72 hours.  If the report is selected for QC Review, the actual delivery date could be extended, but we will coordinate with our Review Appraisers to ensure that this process is expedited so that we can deliver the completed report to you as quickly as possible.

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