LandSafe Review Process

Currently LandSafe uses an Audit Rules engine and a proprietary Appraisal Risk Scorecard to determine if a report needs to be sequestered for manual review.  

Audit Rules Engine

LandSafe's Audit Rules engine is an administrative checklist that runs when the appraiser submits the appraisal to LandSafe electronically.  This checks the report for several factors, including:

  • Completion of required fields

  • Appropriate data types

  • That sales are proximate

  • That adjustments exceed 10% line, 15% net, or 25% gross

  • Across-the-board adjustments

The appraiser can correct or provide a detailed explanation for submitting with any of these factors.  If he/she does not correct the appraisal, LandSafe reviews it manually prior to delivery.

Appraisal Risk Scorecard

LandSafe runs all completed field products through its Appraisal Risk Scorecard, a sophisticated rules engine that determines whether the report can be delivered or should be sequestered for manual review.  This tool uses the appraisal and other market data to determine if any "red flags" exist in the valuation that would require a manual pre-delivery review.